The STL 100

Each year, I choose the 100 restaurants I consider the most essential to dining in St. Louis at this moment. I call the project The 100, but apparently there's a post-apocalyptic, young-adult-aimed TV show with that name, so instead it's known as the STL 100.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 8.25.41 AM.png


With the closure of Niche, the 3rd annual edition of the STL 100 features a new restaurant at #1. The 2017 list also features a few hotshot debuts in the Top 25 and more than two dozen restaurants new to the list.


The 2nd annual edition of the STL 100 scrambles the Top 25 and features the debut of two new restaurants from the same chef, but the inaugural edition's #1 and #2 restaurants retain their top spots.


Somehow, having never produced a project like this before, and with only a few panic attacks, we pulled off the inaugural edition of the STL 100: the Top 25 restaurants in St. Louis, plus 75 more.